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Professor Frank
No Reservations. The ESL, lesson, transcript and quiz are below. The ESL lesson focuses on English vocabulary and common phrases but can be used to help you speak and improve conversation. English Second Language lessons in multimedia begin with good listening comprehension. So just watch and listen to the movie trailer, then read and listen at the same time, and study the vocabulary and script. When ready, take the quiz. I hope you enjoy this trailer which is a love story and a great way to learning English!


"No Reservations" has 2 meanings here:

a. You can't book or reserve a table, room etc.

b. having no state of doubt, no feeling of uncertainly about

1 RARE - (adj) usually said of red meat, it means 'lightly cooked' (e.g. rare, medium, well-done)

2 MUTATING - (adj) change in the structure of a life form resulting in a modification or new form

3 THERAPY - (n) treatment to heal a mental or physical disorder

4 RECIPE - (n) instructions for the preparation of a food item (e.g. a recipe for chocolate chip cookies)

5 BON APPETIT - (French) good appetite or "Have a good meal!"

6 SAFFRON - (n) an orange-yellow spice used for flavoring and coloring food

7 SOUS CHEF - (French) 2nd person in charge of a fine kitchen (under the chef)

9 DISHES - a particular variety or preparation of food served as part of a meal (Thai noodles, spaghetti etc.)

10 I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. - common sentence said to assure someone

11 LEANING - (v) be in a sloping position, incline shoulders or upper body to rest against

12 SCARF - (n) a length of cloth worn around the neck or head


"I said I want my steak RARE!" "Rare enough for you?!" "Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?" "Yeah." "My boss said she'd fire me if I didn't get THERAPY." "I though we agreed you weren't going to cook for me any more." "My God! This is so good!" "So, what are you doing, reading a RECIPE, right?" Don't be ridiculous." "Say bye to your Aunt Kate." "Bye Aunt Kate." "Bye Aunt Kate." "I have no idea what to do with a kid. Especially one that has lost her mother." "I want you to take a week off." "There has to be someone better suited for this." "Hi, I'm Charlotte." "I don't need a babysitter." "Oh! I see you brought something to read to Zoe." "Rapidly MUTATING Deadly Viruses." "I can't get Zoe to eat anything I make." "BON APPETIT." "Hooh!" "What about fish sticks? Kids love them." "I can't believe I'm paying for these suggestions." "Will you please tell me the secret of your SAFFRON sauce?" "Who do you think you are?" "Nicholas Palmer." "You bring a SOUS CHEF from an Italian restaurant?" "He said he wanted to work with you." "Your on fire." "Whool!" "You take care of those DISHES, and I'll take care of these." "Your half's bigger than mine. All right!" 'Why are you so mad at me?" "I'm not mad at you." "You're very mad." "This is my kitchen, and I'm not going to let you take it away from me. This is who I am." "No, it's not." "It's okay to let people in sometimes." "I know I'm doing everything wrong. But I promise you I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU." "Kate, you're not doing everything wrong." "Aren't you cold?" "He's late! Hah! Men!" "I wish there was a cookbook for life." "You know better than anyone. It's the recipes you create yourselves that are the best." "You're LEANING on my SCARF." "Oh, right. Yeah."


Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words

therapy     Bon appetit     dishes     leaning     scarf

1 My favorite American foods are Southern fried __________.

2 Where is my __________? I just took it off a minute ago!

3 He never goes out of his room! Maybe some __________ will help. I'm serious!

4 Who is that guy __________ against the wall?

5 What are you eating? It looks good! __________!