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¡Hola! Me llamo Angel. Con una experiencia de más de 20 años en Primaria, pongo a disposición de quien lo necesite todo lo acumulado en este tiempo. Para Matemáticas, Lengua Castellana, Lengua Catalana, Inglés... Y más que iré añadiendo. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!

Professor Frank
North by Northwest. The ESL lesson focuses on English vocabulary and common phrases but can be used to help you speak and improve conversation. English Second Language lessons in multimedia begin with good listening comprehension. So just watch and listen to the movie trailer, then read and listen at the same time, and study the vocabulary and script. When ready, take the quiz. I hope you enjoy this trailer which is both a spy story and a love story and a great way to learning English!


1 RED HERRING - a clue or lie to mislead someone from the truth (comes from training hounds to scent with a herring which is a red fish)

2 AGAINST HIS WILL - against a person ability to decide for him / herself

3 INTRIGUE - (n) a plan or plot of something harmful or illegal

4 FRAMED - (v) produce false information against an innocent person, a plan to unfairly blame

5 BREAKNECK SPEED - a person moving so fast that he may have an accident and break his neck

6 NORTH BY NORTHWEST - a compass reading [i.e. the needle points to the middle between N (North) and W (West)]

7 SINISTER - (adj) very evil, harmful

8 APPARENTLY - easily understood, obviously

9 PERFORMANCE - (n) (from the Arts) acting a scene, an artist displaying his art

10 PLAY DEAD - (from the Arts) acting as if dead, pretending to be dead

11 ROLE - (n) (from the Arts) a character in a scene, movie etc. (e.g. Rocky, Dracula etc.)

12 SUSPENSE - an excited state or feeling of uncertainty about what may happen (as in a movie)


"I'm an advertising man, not a RED HERRING. I've got a job, a secretary, a mother, two ex-wives, and several bartenders dependent upon me. And I don't intend to disappoint them all by getting myself slightly killed." ... Carey Grant becomes a secret agent AGAINST HIS WILL propelled at gunpoint unto the highest level of international INTRIGUE and FRAMED for murder. Cary Grant, running for his life, searching for a man who doesn't exist, and a secret nobody knows and finding a blonde who has all the answers. ... "Hello there." "Tell me, why are you so good to me?" "Shall I climb up and tell you why?" ... At BREAKNECK SPEED they race together toward the excitement that lies dead ahead NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ... "How do I know you aren't a murderer?" "You don't." ... Carey Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason as the man of SINISTER surprises. ... "APPARENTLY, the only PERFORMANCE that will satisfy you is when I PLAY DEAD." "Your very next ROLE and you'll be quite convincing I assure you." ... The perfect setup for SUSPENSE with the perfect woman and the perfect crime as Alfred Hitchcock takes you North by Northwest. ...


Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words

against his will     breakneck speed     apparently     performance     suspense

1 I won't know my final grades until next week. The __________ is diving me crazy!

2 You have a new dress! It's pretty! __________ you came into some money.

3 Jason's father is angry with him because Jason married __________.

4 That wild taxi driver drove at __________ all the way to the airport!

5 Daniel played "Romeo" in the school play. He gave a fine __________.