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English Vocabulary movie scenes Pride & Prejudice LESSON BELOW. This lesson and practice exercise studies English vocabulary words and common English phrases, but can be used for other skill development such as English conversation, listening comprehension and pronunciation. Just watch the movie scenes, then read and listen to the script together, and study the vocabulary and script. When you are ready, do the easy exercise. This trailer shows scenes of Universal Picture's Pride And Prejudice from Jane Austen's novel, one of the most popular books in the English Language.


1 PRIDE - (n) self-satisfaction with your achievements, qualities, possessions, social status etc.

2 PREJUDICE - (n) an unjust or unfair opinion formed before knowledge of the facts

3 LET - (v) allow to be used for payment, to rent or lease

4 AMIABLE - (adj) friendly and pleasant in manner

5 INTERCOURSE (n) (1) communication or dealing with people (2) short for sexual intercourse

6 HEADSTRONG (adj) strongly willful and determined

7 MISERABLE - (adj) very unhappy or uncomfortable

8 NOT IF I CAN HELP IT - expression said to show avoidance of an activity (often said in reply)

9 HICCUP - (n) [a gulping sound people make] but here it's a metaphor for 'a small problem'

10 SWORN - (v) promised to yourself or others; took a solemn oath (swear, swore, sworn)

11 LOATHE - (v) hate or disgust

12 INFERIOR BIRTH - born to parents of low rank in society (i.e. low social status)


"Netherfield Park is LET at last. Have you heard who has taken it?" "I have." "Is he AMIABLE?" "Is he handsome?""Single?" "I believe so." "He's here! My goodness! Everybody behave naturally!" ... The Bennet sisters were looking for husbands. ... "...which are only to be obtained through INTERCOURSE, excuse me, the intercourse..." ... But Lizzie Bennet wanted more ... "Mr. Collins, I cannot accept you!" "Don't worry we have this little HICCUP dealt with." "HEADSTRONG, is she?" "That is Mr. Darcy." "He looks MISERABLE. Poor soul." "Miserable he may be. But poor he most certainly is not." "Oh, ho!" "Let us go and visit him at once." "A Mrs. Bennet, a Miss Bennet, a Miss Bennet and..." "Heh, heh." "Do you dance Mr. Darcy?" "NOT IF I CAN HELP IT." "That's very strange." "I do not have the talent of conversing easily with people." "Perhaps, you should practice." "May I have the next dance Miss Elizabeth?" "It is most inconvenient since I have SWORN to LOATHE him for all eternity." "You may." "He's so..." "So what?" "He's so rich." "What on earth have you done to poor Mr. Darcy?" "I have no idea!" "Mr. Darcy is engaged to my daughter. Do you think it could be prevented by a young woman of INFERIOR BIRTH?" "You've been so kind." "He's been a fool, and then so have I." "We are all fools in love." " were the last man in the world I could ever marry!"


Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words

pride     amiable      headstrong     Not if i can help it     sworn

1 Rika has a lot of political opinions, and can be very _____.

2 "Do you ever eat red meat?" "____."

3 Airi takes a lot of _____ in his work. He's doing a great job.

4 As a public official, he has _____ to serve the people.

5 Salvidor is very likable. He's the most ____ guy I know.