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Professor Frank
Learn English Through Movies Rear Window Vocabulary LESSON BELOW. These ESL lessons and quizzes focus on English vocabulary and common English phrases, but can be used for other skill development such as listening comprehension, pronunciation or learning how to speak conversation. Instructions: Just watch the movie trailer, then read and listen together, and study the vocabulary and script. When you are ready, take the easy quiz. This trailer is a thriller by Alfred Hitchcock, property of Paramount Studios.


1 BEAT - (n) area to be covered (e.g. traveling salesman, patrolling policeman, reporter)

2 SHRUNK DOWN - (two-word v) reduced in size

3 SPELL - a while, a short period of time (often relates to weather, e.g. cold spell, hot spell)

4 PACING - repeatedly walking back and forth

5 NEWLYWEDS - (n) recently wedded, just married

6 GENIUS - (n) exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability

7 INVALID - (n) a person made weak or disabled by an illness or injury.

8 NAGGING - (gerund) (n) harassing or constantly tell someone to do something

9 TORSO - upper half of the body, trunk

10 VIEWED FROM A SAFE DISTANCE - seen from far enough away to be out of reach

11 KILL TIME - to pass time

12 CAN'T / COULDN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF - unable to stop looking or staring at


... This is the apartment of a man named Jeffries, a news photographer whose BEAT used to be the world. Right now his world has SHRUNK DOWN to the size of this window. He's been watching the people across the way. Nobody seems to pull their blinds during a hot SPELL like this. He knows a lot about them by now. For instance, down there on the second floor, the woman PACING about, he calls her Miss Lonely Hearts. So lonely that even death seems like a friend. These are the NEWLYWEDS on a honeymoon no one will ever forget. The songwriter who plays the same melody over and over again - a GENIUS or insane? This is the traveling salesman and his INVALID wife. Out of their arguments and NAGGING comes a weird kind of love. Miss TORSO - the body beautiful, that is, VIEWED FROM A SAFE DISTANCE. ... "Those are just a few of my neighbors. First, I watched them just to KILL TIME. But then I COULDN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF them, just as you wouldn't be able to." ... And you won't be able to take your eyes off the glowing beauty of Grace Kelley who shares the heart and curiosity of James Stewart in this story of a romance shadowed by the terror of a horrifying secret. ...


Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words

pacing     genius     viewed from a safe distance      kill time     can't take my eyes off

1 Whenever Jacob gets nervous, he starts ____ the room.

2 Miss Jing is so lovely, I __________ her!

3 Fang Yin always plays solitaire on her computer to ____.

4 Tigers are quite fascinating and beautiful __________.

5 Albert Einstein is a 20th century symbol of scientific ___.