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Professor Frank
Seabiscuit. This ESL lesson and quiz focus on English vocabulary and common English phrases, but can be used to learn to speak english, listening comprehension, pronunciation, etc. Watch watch the movie trailer, and then read and listen together, and finally study the vocabulary and script. When you feel that are ready, take the quiz. I hope you enjoy these scenes about a down and broken horse who inspired America when it was down and broken financially in the 1930s.


1 FRACTURED - (v) cracked, broken (e.g. bone, wood, steel, plastic etc.)

2 WHINNEY - (n onomatopoeia) sound of a horse, a high-pitched neigh

3 BANGED UP - (adj onomatopoeia) damaged (two word verb: "He banged up his knee.)

4 BOY - (n) common nickname - usually for a dog or horse

5 HAH! - sharp exclamation to start up a horse

6 TRACK RECORD - the fastest time in a race ever at a certain racetrack

7 TANFORAN - (n) important horse racetrack in San Bruno, California 1899 to 1964

8 LOT OF HEART - much courage, spirit, perseverance (old slang in 1930s was "moxie')

9 NAG - (n) an old horse, often in poor health

10 FURLONG - (n) one-eighth of a mile (i.e. 220 yards or 660 feet)

11 EVERYBODY'S LOSES A COUPLE - common expression for 'everyone has some losses'

12 YAY! or HOORAY! - a cheer for winning


"To the future!" "I'll take him." "He's got a FRACTURED foot." "If you're going to shoot him anyway, I'll save you the bullet." "Red Pollard - Mr. and Mrs. Howard." "Hi." "Hello." "WHINNEY!" "The horse is nuts!" "Well, at least he wasn't expensive." "Every horse is good for something. You don't throw a whole life away just 'cause it's BANGED UP a little." "He just needs to learn how to be a horse again." "How far do you want me to take him?' "Till he stops." "Let see what you got BOY." "HAH! Hah! Hah! Whoa ha ho! There it is. Whoo!" "What? Fast?" "Your horse just broke the TRACK RECORD at TANFORAN." "Well, I just think this horse has a LOT OF HEART." "I'll lay you even money that this NAG Seabiscuit couldn't even finish six FURLONGS." "I told you to look out for Rosemont!" "It's not my fault!" "It's not... he was flying up your tail!" "Well I can't..." "What?!" "...See out there!" "He lied to us." "What do you mean?" "He's blind in one eye." "You don't throw a whole life away just because he's banged up a little bit." "Look at us! Our horse is too small. Our jockey's too big." "EVERYBODY'S LOSES A COUPLE, and you either pack up and you go home or you keep fighting!" "Kind of small, isn't he?" "He's going to look a lot smaller in a second Georgie." "YAY! HOORAY!" "Don't stop Boy! Don't ever stop!" "Yay!" "Whoo!"


Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most correct word or words

banged up     Boy     lot of heart     everybody's loses a couple     Yay!

1 I really admire Max. He never stops trying. He has a __________.

2 Lonnie, don't feel bad about losing the chess match; __________.

3 Have you heard? Jaya got __________ in a motorbike accident again.

4 __________ Our ping-pong team has just won the state championship!

5 What have you been doing __________? Have you been chasing the neighbor's cat again?